Special business premises where cigarettes are recommended

is different from the general retail stores, because of the location of the special location, leading to the operation of the cigarette should be taken with other shops will naturally have a lot of differences. And from the current situation of the operation of cigarettes in particular places, the operation is not good. So, what are the special places to operate cigarettes?

night misty, candle. You, and drink a cup of tea, I open the lamp black.

do you sing in the KTV entertainment, often buy cigarettes in KTV?

you, you in the hotel banquet room, often buy cigarettes in the hotel?

do you relax in the reception centre, often buy cigarettes in the club?

I believe

‘s answer is: "occasionally" not "". Then why? The core issue of the black lights is expensive and less variety, cigarette display is not obvious, and these core issues is the cause of the special places of the cigarette business crisis culprit".

in fact these problems, special camp bosses know, but still has the same old business ideas to treat the cigarette business, there is no profit but ignore the cigarette sales profit potential, power, which come to change? And can not afford to make a plan for your boss’s cigarette business building blocks:

"expensive" is a barrier to consumers in the purchase of cigarettes at the threshold of a special place; a pack of hard Chinese, special places in the sales price of 50-75 yuan. While in the retail store a bag of hard Chinese 43-48 yuan. Then assume that 10 consumers because of expensive problem, resulting in only 1 consumers in the special places of consumption of cigarettes. Then the retail price will be changed to 45 yuan? I think that 10 consumers not far away, of course, directly in the special camp places to buy cigarettes. In order to approach the ideal sales status calculation, the actual profit of 70 yuan, equivalent to the original profit of 5.8 times! Consumer spending increased by 9 times! Boss, you do not listen to the analysis, is there an impulse to price adjustment?

so the first suggestion for the boss is to "lower the retail price of cigarettes in special locations".

"less" is a historical problem plagued the special places, after all, the consumption of the special places of the group, basically will choose a high visibility, quality assurance of cigarette brands. But the boss did not think, now the smooth flow of social information, consumers pay more and more attention to the pursuit of personalized and self style. For example, in a more complete management planning club, a single wine brand up to more than 40 kinds, in order to meet the individual needs of the guests.

and the cigarettes? Bad >

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