How to build a city of innovation in Hefei

with the rapid economic development, Hefei ushered in a new development, but when the economy to a certain extent, the bottleneck encountered in the development of the urgent need to break. So, how to build Hefei become the capital of innovation? "12th Five-Year" since, Hefei deepen reform and the release of the bonus, to strengthen and enhance the power of innovation, science and technology system reform, the mechanism of the new platform construction, enterprise innovation ability to promote the work of scientific and technological innovation strength significantly improved, to further enhance the brand innovation, highlighting the growing.

at present, Hefei is to build a national industrial innovation center and the national major scientific equipment cluster, constructing the research circle, spawned a number of disruptive technologies and products, to create innovation with international influence. Innovation and development of Hefei will be achieved again and again.

science and technology innovation Hefei brand increasingly loud

over the past five years, Hefei focus on promoting the reform of science and technology, a new platform for the construction, innovation and other enterprises to enhance the ability to significantly increase the number of innovative resources, innovative brands increasingly highlight, significantly enhance the strength of innovation. Up to now, Hefei has built a total of 25 academician workstation, the work of the academicians in the fertilizer increased from 51 to 81 people, thousands of people plan by the increase of 26 people. Access to national science and technology awards 45, compared with 11th Five-Year, an increase of 18.

to enter the world top ten science and technology progress, technical level of radar, intelligent voice, refrigeration, nuclear fusion and nuclear security in the world, the gas turbine, 65 nano plate lithography equipment, five axis CNC system and a number of major science and technology projects to achieve important results.

in the construction of innovation platform, the formation of colleges and universities, research institutes and enterprises and other new collaborative innovation system. The Chinese Academy of Sciences Science Center in Hefei approved to build, built or started construction in the first research institute, Tsinghua Academy of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of public security innovation, co-workers intelligent hospital, Peking University Weiming biological economic institute, Academy of Agricultural Sciences China Food Innovation Institute and An Da Green Development Institute and other research institutions, enterprises of all types of more than 1000, compared with the "double by the end of 11th Five-Year" a. The new national, provincial and ministerial level laboratories, engineering (Technology) research center, enterprise technology center 253, a total of up to 536.

The rapid growth of

innovation strength, a set of data can best illustrate the problem: for five years, my city national high tech enterprises by 443 growth to 1056, high tech industry was increased from 62 billion yuan to 125 billion 720 million yuan, accounting for GDP reached 22.2%; the number of patent applications and grants, the average annual growth of 50.9% 47.7%, respectively 16431 and 3413; the whole society R & D investment average annual growth of 28%, the proportion of GDP reached 3.2%; the average annual growth rate of technology contract trading volume recommended

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