What are some of the ways to get the store back to life

in the course of the actual operation of the shop, we will always encounter a variety of problems, as the owner, if you do not take a certain strategy, there may be business failure. Therefore, even if the business is not good, but if you can master the relevant methods, can also revive. In short, in the operation of the store will always encounter this or that kind of thing, business indifference is no exception.

seize business information, door-to-door

remember, in 2008 when he first started operating the store, the reality is cruel, and now it is fresh. That year, just to catch up with the financial crisis, as the factory next to the shop I was familiar with. The factory workers low wages, benefits not, production decline rapidly and import of goods yard significantly reduced, and my business is badly affected.

in the face of this situation, the income is not a few money store every day, my heart very anxious, sit still slowly. For a long time, people panic, feeling this is not a way. I told my friend about the trouble. Who knows a friend reminded me of her husband in the mountains (from the factory of the most remote places in Helan, at the foot of the mountain, we usually call the mountain) live outside the contract, a lot of people.

where the remote, there is no shop nearby, workers are not convenient to buy things, especially the number of smokers, most of them are boarding in the dormitory, to become the most difficult thing to buy cigarettes. Friends tell me why not take the cigarette to the mountains to spend it? A single word reminds me.

so I call and contact them after the good, I have a box of cigarettes, got on the mountain after the factory, and they put a cigarette box monitor check, said the end of the month to pay the workers wages, my first order turnover. In this way, my cigarette is finally on sale. There are daily necessities, I also go to the mountains from time to time, not only facilitate the workers, but also increase their income. This year, my business is better than the rest of the shops. So: sometimes do business pay attention to live, can not die, people live business will keep up with the fire".

spotted the opportunity, there will be

2009 years after the financial crisis has eased, my shop’s factory and launched a project. I take the opportunity to seize this opportunity, once again to make their own shop business back to life". First, the construction workers are the main force. So for the migrant workers can I try to reduce the price of goods to provide their consumption, such as hot summer days, my master tea drinks sales 5 cents lower than other places, don’t look at these 5 cents, these migrant workers brothers cared for, they all love to my shop to the consumer.

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