Join the restaurant can really make money

snack shop to make money only real profit business owners know how to make a small snack shop to make money? Now has become a lot of franchisees should think about the problem, but there are a lot of ways to open a snack bar, the type of products are not the same. If it is more than ten square meters of shops and more than 30 thousand yuan of funds, can choose to open the seven Le Restaurant leisure food chain stores, if less than 5000 yuan of funds, you can choose to open a popcorn shop. So, how do investors operate a small snack bar?

position can be placed close to the street, a small shelf, wrapped in the most conspicuous place on the shelves of popcorn. It is best to set a fan or fan in the shop, let the sweet smell of popcorn scattered, fresh fragrance is the signs to attract customers. Make and sell popcorn, and weekends and holidays are the most popular business, in addition, increased significantly every year winter, the summer students shopping, popcorn sales will be very prosperous, the operator should purchase sufficient raw materials, in order to cope with the increasing demand made.

popcorn can choose to manage multiple flavors to choose for the consumer, such as melon, cream, smell and so on, to complete the rice varieties, flowers, flowers, yellow popcorn, sorghum, wheat and rice flower flower Tofu pudding can prepare some, then with the logo shop can sell a bag. At the same time, the snack shop operating in the microwave oven baked potato instant snacks, are easy to make, the potato (or sweet potato) with the skin clean, microwave oven baked cakes, dig to the middle part, plus the ingredients (such as cheese, peanut butter, banana slices, chili sauce, meat or egg etc.) and then into the microwave baking for two or three minutes.

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