Jiangning green building technology park located in Nanjing to promote the development of the Yangtz

green and environmental protection industry has now become a new economic growth point of the whole society, but also in and actively promote the country to carry out some green industrial building, near the body, in Jiangsu Nanjing, Jiangning green building technology park set up in Binjiang.

the signing ceremony, China zhuyou technology group and Binjiang Development Zone signed a cooperation agreement, Jiangning Green Building Technology Park was officially settled in Jiangning Binjiang development zone. It is understood that the project total investment of $135 million, covers an area of 151 acres, R & D, production, on-site assembly business mainly engaged in green building PC, the transformation of traditional construction industry in the industrial production mode, and actively promote the deep revolution of the construction industry structure. The content of construction includes the regional operation management headquarters, the green building manufacturing plant, the Green Building Exhibition Center, the whole set of residential parts manufacturing center, and the construction of digital logistics center.

project is expected to completed production, annual output of green building PC200 million square meters, the annual sales income of not less than 4 billion yuan, tax of not less than 100 million yuan.

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