What are the current situation of online pharmacies

pharmacies can be seen everywhere, but there are still a lot of friends to develop a lot of drugs can not buy in the store, they feel that online pharmacies are relatively wide range of resources, you can better buy. So, what is the current situation of online pharmacies now? Xiaobian for everyone in detail.

one, unable to operate prescription drugs to make online pharmacies lose the biggest cake

first blocked the development of online pharmacies is unable to operate prescription drugs.

What are the current status of

online pharmacies? From the point of view of e-commerce is now developed, if it is other sites can also operate the goods, online pharmacies do not have much advantage, the biggest advantage of online pharmacies or selling drugs. It is understood that the traditional drug stores up to 2000-3000 kinds, and online pharmacies due to space constraints, drug types can reach nearly 10000, or even more. In order to strengthen the professional drug business, almost all online pharmacies are like physical pharmacy, with varying the number of licensed pharmacists, physicians, and responsible for solving professional problems in the process of consumer purchase guide.

What are the current status of

online pharmacies? The biggest difference between medicine and general merchandise is that the main decision to buy what is in the hands of doctors, rather than patients. And according to the relevant provisions of the drug law, prescription drugs can only be purchased with a doctor’s prescription. At present, the prescription can flow to the retail pharmacy very little, almost negligible, not to mention the online pharmacy. Without a doctor’s prescription, online pharmacies can not run prescription drugs, equivalent to the loss of the largest piece of cake in the pharmaceutical market.

two, online consumers can not be reimbursed greatly limits the online pharmacy source

online pharmacy drug prices are generally lower than the market price, but from now enough to buy people can see, choose the online purchase of medicines is mainly some do not value the reimbursement and busy white-collar workers. A lot of drugs online pharmacies are lower than the price of the entity pharmacies, but patients with perennial medication is not necessarily choose to buy online enough. The reason is very simple, because online consumers can not use Medicare reimbursement.

What are the current status of

online pharmacies? At present, consumers in online platform also failed to around " ", " medical insurance; medical reimbursement " convergence. The reason is very simple: online consumers can not use Medicare reimbursement. Not with " medical insurance " " " and a series of medical security system docking. As for China’s online pharmacies operators, online pharmacies in the spring, may also have to wait until the day of online pharmacies can be reimbursed for medical insurance.

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