How to open luxury nursing shop Need to pay attention to what issues

how to open luxury nursing shop? This industry prospects? In fact, as long as a little understanding, franchisees will clearly know that the industry is very good prospects for development, it is worth investing. But want you to protect entrepreneurship, select the strength of the brand is essential. Today Xiaobian to share with you the specific investment situation, interested can look at.

An overview of the project,

two, luxury leather care venture advantage

1, the implementation of "hotel style" service, with its own brand.

To standardize the management of the international standard

, from the store’s location, decoration, product display, store opening, staff training, marketing management, marketing, promotions and other terminal services are specifically responsible for guiding, achieve win-win situation with you really.

2, professional guidance and products.

three, luxury leather care market analysis

The rapid growth of

four, luxury leather care business conditions

franchisees need to pay the cost of joining include: 100 thousand yuan fee, 20 thousand yuan brand management fees and 30 thousand yuan credit deposit, the credibility of the deposit contract expires in 2 months will be refunded without interest. In addition, the need for store renovation costs, other costs to buy cabinets, about 3 – 50 thousand yuan. Therefore, the start of leather care stores probably between 18 – 200 thousand.

five, the benefit estimation

single maintenance services gross profit can reach 50% – 60%. For example, the bag, then the small and medium-sized charges. Such as HERMES in the package to be more than 800 yuan, the color reduction to more than 3000 yuan, with the color reduction and cleaning recommended

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