Where is the bottleneck How to break through the bottleneck

with the continuous growth of modern entrepreneurial team, entrepreneurial population continues to increase, college students have no new business phenomenon, not news! So, what are the bottlenecks in the process of college students? How to break through these bottlenecks?

lack of entrepreneurial experience

entrepreneurs not only lack knowledge of the venture industry, but also the lack of entrepreneurial experience, with a cavity blood, there is a large lack of team building and management, market and other aspects of the master. How to break through the bottleneck? Survey shows that 28% of entrepreneurs are graduating from a business, nearly 34% of college students entrepreneurs have never had their own entrepreneurial experience in the industry.

ways of raising funds, raising the amount of small


recruitment difficulties

project or the lack of core technology advantages

because of their own limitations, the process of entrepreneurship will encounter many unimaginable difficulties, will encounter many bottlenecks, the enemy can ever victorious, in order to better understand the bottleneck, breakthrough!


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