Six grade classroom hot pot shop business fire

with emotion to do business, is to grasp the psychology of consumers under the entrepreneur is the use of consumer nostalgia and opened the theme Hot pot shop, was launched by the people warmly welcome.

test" to order

7 Zhang hot pot table, 1 small counters, after 80 of the beauty of the boss and staff, composed of the name of the grade six classroom, the theme of the hot pot after the 80 stores in the country. This "theme restaurant" of the "Regulations" provisions, to diners must have is 80, "the school time is 5:30 in the afternoon at 10:30 in the evening, eat Hot pot called" class "," class ", called for a la carte as papers, students can also eat tired to a corner of the classroom play the classic game," two big blackboard classroom "on both sides of the above, with colored chalk depicting a" back to school "," Happy New Year ", next to the full learning certificate, with the boss of the words to describe this theme is the purpose of" brother Hot pot shop to eat is not Hot pot. But a memory".

left Shan had a lead of more than 3000 yuan monthly wage workers. 2012 on November, Zuo Shan and 26 year old Li Xiaoxia suddenly thought in a meal: open a place for dinner after 80 friends. Then, two people decided to open up a popular Hot pot shop, a former teacher Li Xiaoxia proposed to store Hot pot dressed as a classroom appearance, let the consumer 80 customers can remember the original happy school days. Food investment on the selection of the southern kitchen



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