Pig eight quit network help people succeed in business

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innovation and entrepreneurship, and zhubajie.com cooperation is a good choice of business, this year, the site has a new development, this year in the country to cultivate tens of thousands of 100 thousand to 50 million yuan annual income of service providers.

3 26 days, reporters from zhubajie.com hosted the "service growth camp" camp activities learned that the development goal of the network has power in 2016 to develop the country tens of thousands of service providers, including the cultivation of annual income over 50 million yuan, 5 yuan, 20 over 10 million and 100 over 5 million yuan 1000, over 1 million yuan, 10000 over 100 thousand yuan of service providers.

as an important part of the related training program this year, pig network will go to the 50 city, held 100 field service business growth camp activities, let more people through zhubajie.com entrepreneurial success. The 26 day of the related activities, there are from all over the country more than 500 pig network service providers in Chongqing, learning stratified operation and all kinds of operation strategy, the content includes internal management, mobile operators, as well as shop decoration, drainage, diagnosis.

"this training makes me a great harvest." Zhang Yong is one of the pig network service providers, after he opened an advertising company in Dongguan, but the development is not smooth, exposed to zhubajie.com, he became a typical "off the record", has opened a number of branches, 2015 revenues of more than 10 million yuan. Zhang Yong told reporters: through the pig network platform support, I have developed with the companion of the next direction of development this year, strive to achieve 50 million yuan revenue."

the following innovation and entrepreneurship policy zhubajie.com obtained good development, also believe that with the help of it, there will be more and more people realize the dream of entrepreneurial wealth!



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