nterest in the company of a good life happy work

want to start is not so far fetched, so not bitter, now young people from their own hobbies to consider entrepreneurial projects, so that you can live a happy, happy work, work is also more aggressive.

"in order to save money, these should be for decoration workers live, all we share." March 21st, Wang Xinyu told reporters with a smile. In October last year, the general assembly of the flight, lit the Jingmen people want to fly enthusiasm, but now it is not realistic to buy aircraft, the model should play a lot of market.


the same hobby, this group of young people full of vigor in the campus. They assembled and designed the model aircraft, and then flew the model together. Every time flying, always attract a lot of students and the public onlookers, then, some of the aircraft from the outside to buy the aircraft is also particularly good to sell, and even some people want to buy Wang Xinyu they do model.

2015 in October, I held the love to fly off the flight assembly, Wang Xinyu and his companions saw the scene of the general assembly of aircraft sales very hot. Wang Xinyu and partners were aware that the aircraft into the homes of ordinary people, perhaps still needs time, but the model can be used as the "vanguard" into people’s lives, but Jingmen is also very suitable for model aircraft flight operations. So under the guidance of the teacher, they will be transformed into a company, and to the university student innovation and entrepreneurship Park submitted the application, and soon passed the expert group review.

became the company from the community, is not only a name change, more important is to update the concept. "We are waiting for the same before the interest of the students to join us, now we want to set up the model association, not only to attract schools, community enthusiasts to join us, but also assume responsibility to cultivate more aeromodelling hobbyists, expand the market." Wang Xinyu said.

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