How to open a supermarket successful experience sharing

supermarket to facilitate people’s lives, to open a supermarket, but also the idea of many friends. How to open a supermarket? Are you still thinking about it? Now a variety of supermarket stores in an endless stream, today Xiaobian to introduce you how to open a supermarket.

aimed at the low end of the market

in order to make the business no danger of anything going wrong Mr Wang then traveled to Guangzhou, all similar shops, dig out the three or four home and his goal from a similar store, but the store operations of the common good. For several days, he observes carefully in the front of the shop, found that despite operating varieties rich enough "fatal", site selection error is almost all the shops of common disadvantage, some open area of pavement enough prosperous.

signed lease, he went to the professional stylist elaborate decoration, fully in line with the fashion, the passing pedestrians have find everything fresh and new feeling. Finally, draw lessons counterparts, he repeatedly told the two employees to be neither humble nor pushy attitude, not too warm, talk downright nonsense.


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