Restaurant menu pricing guidelines big secret

customer evaluation of a restaurant is good mainly these steps: a look at the facade, two look at the menu, look at the service of the last look at the taste of the dishes, how exactly, the customer is the investigation of these three points. A lot of the catering business that the four most important point is to the menu, in fact, this is one of your customers y understand the store medium, the menu can let customers ignore what appearance defects. Of course, that you will be an important menu, very exquisite and special, left this misunderstanding, what is the menu to the customer, this is for their purse what you say is important, so to remember the importance lies in its pricing menu.

The core of the knowledge of the

menu in pricing, an excellent menu, connected to the enterprise’s production model, service model and profit model, which directly determines the life and death of the restaurant. Do not say that these are alarmist, understand the following pricing strategy you will understand.

if the menu is a restaurant selling medium for consumers most directly, then the menu pricing will directly determine the restaurant turnover and profit, a slight deviation, perhaps it means that consumers in the restaurant’s desire to be destroyed.

In the

marketing, "Weber Fechner law" refers to: the stronger the substitutability of goods, the higher the frequency of consumption, the higher the price sensitivity of consumers, the lower the loyalty of the brand, and the higher the price. Beijing is a restaurant on more than 70000, and a total of 51.1% consumers have 2-3 times a week out of the dining frequency. Even if everyone eats 3 times a week, it will take up to 486 years to finish so many……

said these mean that consumers do have enough capital to pick the restaurant, but they are not satisfied with either high or low food prices, which also shows that the menu pricing must be comprehensive and multi dimension to judge the only reliable.

restaurant menu pricing guidelines big secret

a, cost pricing dimension

1) pricing at the cost of ingredients

dish price = food raw material cost / (1- raw material cost rate)

subject to market prices and constraints, the gross margin of the dishes will be greatly different, the price should be changed accordingly.

ideally, restaurant food cost is 35%, gross margin was 65%, assuming that A dishes cost price is 15 yuan, price of =15/ (1-35%) A dishes =23 yuan, but the market trend will also let the dishes gross profit change, assuming B dishes cost price is 36 yuan, but the market price constraints (General public can accept the price is 48 yuan on the line): B > dishes

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