Yoga Mat ten brands list

now a lot of people are keen to practice yoga, but yoga is the need to have a professional pad, and then gave birth to the yoga mat Market, and the brand is still increasing. Here, Xiaobian to introduce yoga mats ten brands list, which can be a reference for everyone to choose.

Yoga pad top ten brand NO.1, Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga from 2011 to enhance the brand influence rapidly, the high-end product positioning, product coverage, the main supply channels also introduced global procurement channels, products from the United States and Germany’s production line, this is the first case in the domestic brands.

yoga mat ten brand list NO.2, jade yoga

is a veteran of the domestic Nirvana Yoga Yoga brand, is China ten yoga mat brand rankings on brand, product positioning in the end market, price and product quality are excellent, are produced by independent domestic production base production technology.

yoga mat ten brands list, the NO.3



is a new brand of yoga in the rapid rise of e-commerce tide, to push the new product price and speed for the Volkswagen brand. However, in the supply channels, or the use of domestic production lines.

yoga mat ten brand list NO.4.

yoga products are well-known brand of yoga supplies, yoga suits cost-effective, mainly in the midrange market, product sales have always maintained good. Production plant is located in Zhejiang area, the production process is more reliable.

yoga mat ten brands list NO.5, Easyoga

Easyoga is the transformation of the company Taiwan newwide group, the main production of clothing newwide group, with a good foundation China production line. Easyoga clothing style and quality is good, but also for high-end market. Easyoga also called Seth Bo, production mainly concentrated in the Taiwan market with local resources.

yoga mat ten brands list, NO.6 Yoga girl

old brand, product coverage, and cost-effective. In its mature sales channels to promote the products covered by the national market. The use of clothing is the path of OEM supply model, yoga mats and other products factory is located in the vicinity of Guangdong.

yoga mat top ten brands

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