Pairs of retail stores to do security work

although every special holiday, we are the big shops crazy money time, however, in the course of making money in the store can not ignore the safety factor. Golden nine silver ten, we will have a deep understanding of the consumer market is usually more active than usual. All kinds of goods retail store sales US households will be faster, and the consumer when the time will improve a lot more than usual, the store business is good, there are many shopkeepers on account of over, vigilance will be greatly reduced, to the store will be negligent, attracted a lot of trouble.

received large amounts of counterfeit money, cigarettes are criminals package, store goods stolen, fire accident etc.. To our smoke Hotel caused great losses, people can not be redeemed. So, as the retailer, to strengthen the safety management during the holidays, to maintain our shop’s normal business order, we obviously cannot neglect, we must pay more attention to. Here is a look at the following is how to do a good job of retail households preventive measures.

Henan Nanyang retail households Hu boss

point of view: the advent of the two sides to enhance vigilance

now autumn has passed, however, the hateful qiulao Hu has threatened us, the temperature continues. The weather is hot and the night is moving more and more customers, we not only to extend the opening hours of the evening, but also can not sleep late in the morning. Near the Mid Autumn Festival, so we store the couple every morning to open the door 5. 7:30 or so began to busy shop opened, and sometimes busy until around 12 noon. Sometimes I have a good time to watch my husband, sometimes there is no lunch break.

double coming, I want to remind you that the shop has been installed to monitor the owner, be sure to check the power supply and monitoring probe is normal, if there is something wrong with the immediately repaired, during the holiday season to ensure normal work. If the conditions of the shop is not installed monitoring, you can consider installing a set of facilities, and now the installation of monitoring probes and spend a few money, we can get back to the hotel less loss point.

spend a little money to do big things. During the festival, we have a large box of money in the money box in the daytime. After the closing at night, we must tidy up. More valuable goods in the shop during the second quarter, we must have someone to look at the tube at night. For those who have some suspicious signs of the crowd, must be vigilant, pay attention to tracking. So that those who do not have an opportunity to ensure the normal operation of our shops during the holiday season.

Anhui, Hefei retail white boss

view: double to

with the eye to see through the switch meter

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