Yibin 30 public space creates a number of more than 5000 passengers

in the call of national policy, a lot of people respond positively to the call of the country, to carry out a series of initiatives such as innovation and entrepreneurship. Yibin in order to be able to play their own unique advantages in innovation and entrepreneurship, the establishment of the public to create a large space, cultivate a large number of customers, the following and small series of specific understanding.

at the beginning of this year, Yibin city committee chairman will determine the five meeting of the four session of the CPPCC proposal "on the No. 208 in Yibin city public entrepreneurship, innovation in the work of how to cultivate a passenger’s proposal" included in the 2016 ten municipal CPPCC proposals focus on supervision. Off the record as a representative of public entrepreneurship and social innovation strength, the hero and the key to promote the "double" work. At present, Yibin city has completed the "Yibin University creative cube multi-creation space" 30 public record space, a number of more than 5000 guests.

to further improve the "double" work and enhance the effect of training off the record, to further enhance their understanding, fully understand the importance of training in creating "double" work; to further activate the "main body" consciousness, strengthen sustainable innovation; further create a good atmosphere, and actively promote the "double" a healthy development of the passenger train.

has been hit through in many aspects of life, in order to further promote the development of economy, many places are actively engaged in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, so the innovation is essential! Under the leadership of the government, after the completion of the relevant facilities, the community will cultivate a large number of customers, to make greater contributions to the economic development of society.

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