New tea shop should pay attention to purchase

opened a new tea shop, if you want a good business, we need to pay attention to the factors will naturally have a lot of. But among the many factors, the purchase is indeed a very important job. So, the new tea shop, we need to focus on the purchase.

Xiamen is a city that loves to drink tea. In such a mature market competition, the new tea shop to open the way out?

akatsuka near shahelu Jia Yun park opened a company called "letter of heron" tea shop. Shop 3 years ago, this tea shop not only gain a foothold, but also has its own hardcore customer base.

walked into the shop, the decoration is a tea shop common classic elegant style, however, the transparent glass door to tea friends, enduring as long as the slogan immediately give a kind of feeling. A more than and 50 square metres of floor space, the "luxury" placed two large tea table. It covers an area of two Chazhuo is not in vain, their purpose is to let the guests into the shop in a pot of tea, chat with the boss, tea, tea.

in particular, the teahouse two floor stocked with a mahogany table, designed for customers wuwennongmo. Xiao Xia said that his shop, in the table to get to know a lot of new friends, who later became the old customers shop. This is a university professor, calligraphy wit, painters, etc.. There are many old customers from Xinjiang, Guangzhou from afar. The old friends came, everyone tea on painting and calligraphy, so accumulated a lot of popularity.

new tea shop should pay more attention to genuine. Now tea shop competition is very full, shoddy Mou profiteering will only make their own sales shrinking circle. Therefore, even in the initial stage, Xiao Xia in the purchase is not ambiguous. She is directly to the tea farmers, their direct selection of tea, there is no intermediate links, so the cost is low. She said that the purchase of a new tea shop is the largest part of the risk, if the purchase channel picked up, the tea shop has also succeeded in half.

opened a new tea shop will learn. Xiao Xia said that he was in the past two years is uninterrupted learning, in order to gradually develop in the groping. First, learn from your peers. Xiao Xia said that he was in a "Japan and South Korea star tea king competition" in the occasional encounter two senior Japanese tea division, their guidance to benefit themselves.

secondly, the main shop to learn tea. Xiao Xia himself from the junior to the senior tea tea. Xiao Xia said: the level of consumption has improved, the quality of the customer is also improved, the store came to the store and the owner will often explore the tea culture. Some customers will put forward the tricky issue of all kinds, in the solution process, the customer and the owner to form a good interaction. If you answer the customer’s questions honestly, the customer won’t know

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