Why the tea shop will lose money

may be in the minds of many investors, open a tea restaurant is a money making behavior. Even if the business will fail, it should not lose much money. However, the owner of this book opened a tea restaurant on the loss of a lot of money. So, why would lose the money to open tea restaurant?

I am the founder of a teahouse. Don’t ask which teahouse is called "a teahouse"!

now I’m lying on the roof of the roof of the last memories of this bitter force of the year, we can send a message like a congratulatory message, and can participate in the vote is the first jump down the foot or foot jump.

you asked me why I want to jump from the building, the loss of money you lost about two million, the loss of their own money is not an investor!

I haven’t been sleeping for almost a week, even though it’s been a year. Every midnight to sit on the roof, often this time will remember this year to experience the scene, or thought to want to write this article, is to review this year, is still on the same business friends and watch some.

when the television, the news is full of so and so after 90 entrepreneurs how kind of cow, I found the same as entrepreneurs I seem so humble!

from the University of the stall vendors do not start to do things have never happened to me. But as a 90 after graduation in two years time will have their own two small shops and hundreds of thousands of deposits, or a little bit of self-confidence. But the cup is starting with this little confidence.

2014 began to rise, like Huang Taiji, carved sirloin, etc. the new West master catering brand, also let my heart itch! After a series of more professional market research is not professional, jump jumped into the food and beverage industry wave. Anyway, it was felt that regressed donghonghong, now it seems it is idiot fool.

, first of all, to say what our project is to do, we are precisely to the wide range of tea and tea culture and combine it to the country. In our view, the current domestic (in addition to Guangdong province) urban leisure catering almost monopolized by western style dining, Cantonese tea is almost a blank market. It is in such an environment stepped into the pits are everywhere food and beverage industry.

first pit: junior team do not choose a strong professional field

although I considered entrepreneurial veterans, has several years of business experience, but in the catering industry is a complete novice! The whole team is to do marketing and the Internet was born, little is known about the food and beverage industry. In >

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