Mi Yunxia grasp the scale of 60 million farms female man

entrepreneurship is no longer let women go away, entrepreneurial era, many female entrepreneurial model emerged. Mi Yunxia from a junior high school graduates, who grew up as the head of the 60 million scale farms, she was known as the road of the female man".


"nose so long, must be a cold, to observe more……" In October 29th, Wu Lingqiu County Lingzhen South Village factory farming field, Lord Mi Yunxia at the age of 33, carefully check all the pens, found some sheep have health problems, so called to the master li.

in order to get excellent lamb, she personally run in Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shandong and other places. Since it is believed that the authentic rural people do not care for her, but never thought, just started, gave her a head. Buy a car from Inner Mongolia lamb, do not know the way to transport and feed science, back to the farm second days, one after another died of a loss of about $60 thousand, about $1/3.

"engage in animal husbandry, big investment, slow. In order to save money and reduce costs, millet rented 20 acres of land from the hands of the villagers, corn, black beans, alfalfa, feed the sheep. Farming, hoeing, Shouqiu, you can do not hire someone to do it, a young woman, glowing in the sun, a person with a car sheep, this is very touching scene." Li Dequan is very cooperative partner of Mi Yunxia.

asked farm benefits, meters Yunxia smiled and said: "OK, 2011 to 2014, the annual slaughter of more than 6000 sheep, sheep market began last year is not good, we change the culture object, to breed lamb, breeding more than and 250 ewes, now have entered the child-bearing period."

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