Female white collar workers to tap new opportunities from the ATM machine

believes ATM machine to withdraw money is mentioned, people think of, but contained in these ATM bacteria is alarming, seriously affecting people’s health, but few people pay attention to this point, the ATM machine cleaning work in a "money" scene.


Chen Ying can create such a miracle, what is rapidly becoming a wealthy lady do? Let us look at the wealth of her magic story!

seeing "popular" business

2009 in May, Chen Ying resolutely resigned. She wanted to find a job after a period of rest, but an accidental discovery took her on the road of entrepreneurship, one day in June 2009, Chen Ying and a friend go out to work, withdrawals queue in Beijing Xicheng District street a ATM machine, she heard a female customer dissatisfaction. No, this machine really dirty ah, take a money get allergy on the body! "

then Chen Ying’s friend also told her his story: "once, I in the ATM machine after taking money accidentally rubbed his eyes and go home after the red and itchy eyes, then infected with ‘pinkeye’, I got that only a week wearing sunglasses go out, bored to death of people!"

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