Summer camp products can also develop a huge money force

for children, summer camp is a good place to relax, parents are concerned with children’s safety, so buy products become necessary for summer camp, and people see the amazing opportunities in the summer camp.

11 9, primary and secondary schools to study the summer camp organization announced the 21st century B round of financing, the investor is an international fund, the specific amount is not disclosed, the official claimed that the valuation is close to $1 billion. In the 21st century, Germany has also launched a new three board listing plan.

a university in a city

The founding team of the century Matilda

2001 years ago, the university has not yet fully open to the community, students are not free to enter and exit in the summer of Tsinghua University, Peking University, all the implementation of regulation, only a handful of key high school students to get into the school. And this part of the students are arranged by the logistics service center of Tsinghua University, the arrangements for the students to enter the university students to do the report, preaching Tsinghua ideas. Former student council president Wang Yong got this opportunity, a subsidy of 40 dollars.

2005, the young mistress Wang Yong than Tsinghua Wang Xuehui joined the century mingde. Wang Xuehui proposed to travel to the country to expand the business, copying the success of Fuxin model. In 2006, Wang Yongcai officially registered trademarks, and at Tsinghua University college continuing education activities are still in "contract, Tsinghua University science and technology summer (winter) camp" title. After the expiration of the contract, enable the 21st century brand.

century Matilda’s distinctive style. Tsinghua University alone on the main product to promote the development of the company for several years, study tour Tsinghua University has begun to evolve into a pilgrimage pilgrimage for domestic students. Later found a single product of growth, not health, is modeled on, expanded to Shanghai, Xiamen, Xi’an and other places. But the game is pretty much the same: a city, a university.

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