t is important to invest in the trademark right of a business project

now business market is so complex, a variety of projects is to allow investors to emerge in an endless stream, impossible to guard against, we cannot guarantee that every project has authenticity, so only prevention. In fact, the trademark rights of the project is often the best way to break the scam, it can be said that the investment to do business, the trademark of the project is very important!

To distinguish between a

registered trademark exclusive, exclusive characteristics, uniqueness, all registered trademarks belonging to the exclusive, protected by law, any enterprise or individual without the permission of the registered trademark owner or authorized, could not be used on its own, otherwise it will bear tort liability.

in Chinese, trademark of TM also has its special meaning, in fact, TM is not a sign of protection of trademark, it is different from R, TM said that the mark has been applied to the State Trademark Bureau and the State Trademark Bureau has also issued a "Notice of acceptance", into the objection period so, you can prevent the other person to repeat the application, but also said that the existing trademark holders have priority right to use.

know this, now let you gradually understand several typical characteristics of franchising scam:

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