Taiyuan innovation and entrepreneurship to achieve economic growth in the country’s leading results

for China, 2015 is undoubtedly a business year. This year, Taiyuan has made good achievements in the work of innovation and entrepreneurship, and create a good environment for public entrepreneurship, lay a solid foundation for future economic development.

With the help of

"three in one" — let entrepreneurs more effort

in October 8th this year, Yingze trade and Industry Bureau to the Taiyuan Pet Network Technology Co., Ltd. issued a first in the area of "three in one, a photo of a code of business license. "Before I heard the license is very time-consuming, the organization code certificate, tax registration certificate is, did not expect just to catch up with the" three in one ", a full fix." Company official said Zhang Jianwei. The company is a joint venture of 4 graduates, the main business for the mobile phone software development, has registered a game software project, is now in the development stage." 4 college students start their way.

"cluster registration" — let entrepreneurs more convenient

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