How to open a small restaurant to choose a good store

more and more people are now engaged in catering projects, because the catering market is a never off-season market, many people want to open small restaurants, so how to find a good store, let us follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.

in recent years, entrepreneurs tend to small-scale entrepreneurs, is a good project of small restaurants, as we all know, the catering store location is entrepreneurship is the decisive factor of success, how to find a good location location to open restaurants? According to the different characteristics of different catering shop, station, passenger terminal, large hospital near the big construction site under construction, bustling downtown or secluded residential area, can consider to open restaurants.

the catering store location techniques: principles of

restaurant location

1. small restaurants catering shop is not set in the infested area, not to door-to-door business, which will affect the future business.

2. specializes in lunch or business fast food restaurant, should be located as close as possible to the customer, the general customer a few minutes or a few minutes to reach the car may be the best. So this kind of restaurant location must be selected in the business district and office area, etc..


3. restaurant is located next to the main road for the convenience of travelers, so it must be located in a very accessible area. In the vicinity of the station to open a restaurant, it is 100 meters away from the station – 2m meters better, otherwise, travelers will refuse to get off the road because of the distance.

4. fast food restaurant is ideally located in a major street, downtown business district, or an apartment complex in the city.

5. for those with a unique atmosphere, characteristics or business environment is good for the restaurant, the location of the problem is not too small, customers will find them. For example, a restaurant located in the hillside location though, but the business is more and more popular, it also should be the people that "sell themselves" of old.

6. is located in the tourism and entertainment area of the restaurant can always attract a large number of customers, such as Ji’nan’s Daming Lake, Qianfo Hill, Baotu Spring, near several restaurants, business is good.

7. restaurant location to consider one of the traffic conditions. Traffic conditions not only affect the restaurant business volume, and even affect the restaurant should take what kind of service. Food and beverage stores face traffic downtown area can increase sales, but also easy to improve visibility. In addition, we must pay attention to whether there is a parking lot near the restaurant, there is no parking lot in the bustling downtown, customers can not eat.

8. restaurants must use a series of public facilities, the reality is often due to local authorities refused to extend the extension of the sewer system, so that the construction of food and beverage stores failed example. Therefore, when the location of the restaurant, but also to investigate whether the selected address near the public facilities available for use, to know that the cost of public facilities is not a

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