Millet was confirmed in the next year to do the research and development notebook

High performance

millet mobile phone is undoubtedly the advantage of the killer, plus the hunger marketing is to enhance the visibility of the millet, millet and now really want to start doing notebook, this message to young friends surprises.

Early in the September 1st News – raise a Babel of criticism of the industry,

9, Sept. 23, according to the "Taiwan times" reported that the Taipei electronic notebook computer design and manufacturing company, Inventec Inventec chairman Li Shiqin said that the British industry under the ODM Dalateqi manufacturers helping millet development of a notebook computer, and stressed that this notebook will adopt a new concept in the mobile Internet. The concept and design is completely different from the traditional notebook, the notebook is expected to be completed in the first half of next year development. Previous rumors have been confirmed.

but less than a year, millet may go back now, millet is already the domestic Internet giant, in the product chain to the lack of a computer or electronic equipment with high productivity, which is to promote a cause of millet development of notebook computer.




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