Sichuan autumn fruits build talent management

Sichuan is located in the southwest of China, but with the reform and opening up, the economy of some places has also made remarkable progress. The 278 overseas high-level talents signing Sichuan, this is shortly before the end of the "Hi" surrender answer. More and more overseas talents to choose Sichuan development." Fan Bo, President of the US China cooperation committee. Sichuan autumn fruits, build talent management, vigorously implement the talent strategy, innovation and development for the plug wings to take off.

from the western development to "The Belt and Road" and the Yangtze River Economic Belt strategy, from the approved included in the national comprehensive reform pilot innovation area to the establishment of a free trade zone, the development opportunity of Sichuan attracts people’s attention. "Work to be established, the industry is only wide." Sichuan has a clear understanding of this and a clear attitude: adhere to the priority development of talent, vigorously implement the strategy of talent province. The party’s eighteen years, I closely linked to innovation driven cited gather before the election Yucai institutional reform, optimize the business environment to stay open, personnel work is significantly improved, fully show the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurial talent, talent for economic and social development to further enhance the contribution rate of.


painting talent career blueprint

talent is the foundation of the province, the source of innovation, the basis for development.

provincial government has always put the talent work in a prominent position, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Dongming stressed that the implementation of innovation driven development, the key to rely on talent driven, to strengthen the "science and technology is the first productivity" and "talent is the first resource" concept, unremittingly implementation of talent strategy. Provincial Party committee and government leaders held a high-level forum on behalf of the people, visited the condolences of experts and scholars, to fully coordinate the solution to the worries of talent…… A respected only to encourage innovation, support entrepreneurship, is conducive to the role played by the pattern and the basic shape of the atmosphere.

to meet the needs of long-term development and practical development, our province issued "on deepening the reform of institutional mechanisms to promote the comprehensive development of talent innovation driven transformation and development of the implementation of opinions" Sichuan province "," 13th Five-Year "talent development plan" and other series of documents, very competitive advantage to build the talent system and characteristics of the Sichuan.

at the same time, the service innovation driven transformation and development as the main line, close to the strategic needs of economic and social development, close to the industrial enterprises bigger and stronger, in-depth implementation of the "four talent program" (the introduction of high-level talents "thousands of people plan innovative entrepreneurs, training programs, college students and the talents of science and technology support program, Tibet and poverty professional talent support program), with a global perspective, the concept of open innovation policy and makes only use it together. At present, the province’s total human resources amounted to 6 million 699 thousand, of which academicians of the 58, the national recommendation

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