What are the tips for communicating with customers


is doing business, naturally need to communicate with customers. But how to communicate with customers, this is a technical work. In short, the retail business, retail customers can not communicate with the customer’s language. In fact, the retail and customer language communication is appropriate, to a large extent, will affect the retail. How to communicate with customers in the retail business is a kind of art. The language of the retail households should pay attention to the scientific, artistic, civilized, rich sense of humor and kindness, so that customers feel happy, happy. Here’s a personal suggestion.

1, welcome.

retailers have seen near the customer into the store, to immediately start to smile and say hello! Welcome to!" Or: "Hello, what do you need?" Welcome to the class, close to the customer psychological distance, resulting in goodwill, laying the foundation for subsequent business. All customers entered, retailers do not open jinkou.

2, address.


is necessary, retailers may also greet those unfamiliar customers, so how to call customers? I would like to use "children, big brother, sister-in-law, old man, grandmother," such a call, it will make the customer satisfied.

3, apologize.

when the retail business in the retail process of mistakes, or feel for some reason because of the neglect of the customer, in a timely manner to apologize to the customer has to resolve the customer’s displeasure, it is necessary. So at this time to sweet talk, to put down the face to apologize to customers. Such as "I’m sorry, sorry, please forgive," and so on are ok. I think the customer will understand.

4, goodbye.

when the customer is ready to leave, after the checkout. Some retail households turn a blind eye, and some retailers are busy with their own, I think it is not appropriate to do so. In fact, in customer purchase is a tremendous support to us, as retailers not only to the warm reception before shopping and shopping, but also to stay in the shopping enthusiasm, to let customers feel that we are from first to last for their enthusiasm and sincerity, to leave a deep impression on them. So when the customer leaves, say "bye, please take care, welcome to come again!" It is necessary and important.

retail customers how to communicate with customers, which will have a very big impact on the business development of the store. In a word, it is the most important part of the zero activity to carry out harmonious and effective language communication with the customers. It can be said that the quality of communication, the level of communication, the advantages and disadvantages of the exchange of art, has a very big impact on the retail business. As retailers and customers to communicate, we must pay attention to emotion, pay attention to the heart, this

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