nvestment entrepreneurs accounted for 1 million of the shares under the current law is difficult to

company’s equity is a very important thing for every entrepreneur, Lei Jun said that 1 million of the investment entrepreneurs accounted for shares of 10%, which is difficult to do under the existing law. The current "company law" and the entrepreneurial environment is different, the specific circumstances of the entrepreneur also need to understand.

Lei to participate in the NPC and CPPCC brought several proposals, one of which is "revised" company law "to return to the freedom of contract, articles of association of the company, the implementation of business filing system". At yesterday’s briefing, he explained that the company law is the basic law of China’s economy, was enacted in the 90s of last century, involving a very wide range, a few years ago also revised. But now the "company law" has been divorced from the entrepreneurial environment, behind the economic situation and management situation change rapidly.

he suggested, should allow free agreement of human capital, human capital as a form of acceptance. He believes that this amendment to the company law is the most critical foundation. Secondly, in the company’s business license, articles of association and other documents, the contribution of human capital and material capital contribution, respectively, publicity, clear the two types of shareholders of different shareholders responsibility.

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