What are the features of a perfect website

now, it’s not hard to build a website. However, in order to achieve the best results, there are still some secrets and methods to follow. Of course, there are many factors that affect success, and it’s hard for you to remember all the factors. As a peer I issued to all point wise remark of an experienced person in fact, you just need to know a few most important tips, you can make your website to become a successful work. So here are 10 key points:

1, compelling design,

‘s first attraction for visitors is your website design. It shouldn’t be too exciting – neither too boring nor too flashy.

your website is designed to attract people, the main purpose is to retain visitors, so that he can stay on your web site, browse more things. In this case, even the color saturation will affect the user’s mood, may win his favorite, or soon lose the user. For example: http://s.www.diannaojixiang.com this station layout design is not bad, but the color is dim, it will affect the user’s emotions.

so the first useful hint for you is to consider your website design thoroughly. If you succeed in this step, you can take advantage of the following method.

2, easy navigation,

you will visit a large number of websites in a day, and not all websites will satisfy you. Coming to a website, you really want it to be simple and easy to understand, right? So it’s no secret to anyone — visitors to the web also want your site to be like this.

considered in this way for all links on the site, so that users will not because they do not know where to click and angry. This is important, so don’t let the visitors of the website get confused, don’t leave them, and then forget the existence of this website.

3, the appropriate content,

can see what you want on your website, which is the most fun for users. You’d better not cheat the user.

once the user is disappointed, he won’t come back to see if your website has changed. So, make sure your site contains enough useful information to make users feel interested, so it makes sense for you to update your site further, because users will still be visiting. Don’t forget to give some useful information about your site’s operations. All users will like the right answer to the problem.

4, contact information

when someone is browsing your website, there may be some problems. Maybe it’s not a big problem, but it’s bound to be a question. In a word, you should let the user believe that he can always get your support.

if a user can’t find your contact number, >

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