Wuchang nstitute of technology students won the German iF Concept Design Award

with the development of science and technology, China’s education level is also rising. The education of the students is no longer confined to the theory, but also pay more attention to the application of practice. This time, the Wuchang Institute of technology students won the international design award is the best explanation.

recently, the Wuchang Institute of technology, five students co design works won the German iF concept design award in, and was invited to Hamburg, Germany to participate in the ceremony held on June 16th – 17.

according to the introduction, from the Art Design College of Wuchang Institute of technology Xu Ting, Li Jiawen, Zhang Xin, Ni Wen, Xi Yinggang 5 Junior entries will be displayed in the German iF design exhibition in the exhibition this year, and is expected to be in other international exhibition. At the same time, the work will be released to the iF world design manual and iF design App.

"We are very pleased to award

and exciting", Xu Ting students said that their award-winning "CY clean" is the door handle of the public toilet has been improved, with a clever way to install a set of disinfection system, so that people can get the most reliable health care in a simple way, "the door handle public toilet often with more bacteria, one of the items is most people do not want to touch.

‘Cy clean’ is built with a cleaning device to ensure that the user is exposed to the handle is disinfected. And for the use of the toilet has a good state of the prompt function." At present, the design is applying for national patent.

It is reported that

, the German iF Design Award and the German red dot award, American Red Dot IDEA design award, G-Mark design award are recognized as four major international industrial design awards, represents the highest level of international industrial design. German iF design awards each year more than 30 countries more than 11000 participants in the competition, each year the world’s only top 100 cutting-edge design can win this award.

for the Wuchang Institute of technology students won the German iF concept design award, not only students or schools, but also for our motherland, are feeling happy. With the further development of education, in the future, we will develop more with the times of the world!

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