QQ the ups and downs of the station to the vast numbers of QQ webmaster

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from the QQ station started, the first is to do computer station, but the traffic is so good to see QQ station, soon will be able to rise to hundreds of thousands of IP, IP, and so do other station struggling in pain after more than a year, after another "enlighten" with the QQ


is the first QQ done fairly successful, included for about 15 days, then less than a month’s time, IP has risen to about 500 a day, but after more than a month, no IP growth stalled! When someone offered to buy my station, and offer can you sell! Sell station and then take money in A5 and bought a QQ Avatar


, the author will do their own QQ head station experience dedicated to the vast numbers of QQ webmaster, for reference.

QQ, a station can not be quick! QQ head station highest IP reached more than 6000, in my hand "QQ head" keywords has also been on the first page, every day has 6000-8000IP, but the characteristics of QQ station is ranked rise fast drop too fast, key words fall, traffic will be quickly reduced the later! No longer the main optimization words, but from a small start related keyword optimization, fast "Avatar" QQ, QQ "sweet" and "QQ image" and "Avatar" and other words have to do the first page, such visits every sites there are about 5000IP, and after a few days, "QQ head" keywords from the original fourth pages to second pages, and each keyword is very stable.

two, QQ station QQ station must be updated every day! Now many, if you don’t update a day, may be more than others, all of the QQ station every day update is very necessary! My QQ station was updated every day, the weight of the website is generally higher, but because of personal reasons, there are a few days go out in the outside, no time to update, about a week, just come back to see, the decline in ranking is not a lot, but one week after the snapshot began not normal, is no longer updated daily, the website of the weight of natural decline in


three, QQ station outside the chain chain is essential! Website search engine to determine the most important basis for the weights of the website, the chain of influence keywords ranking, in order to improve the IP method, the author is using the key breakthrough, select a keyword for Links and blog, forum outside the chain, not every day in general, the appropriate 3-5, insist on two weeks, the effect certainly came out, and then to do other keywords. This website IP will gradually increase! But the individual keywords do high number of Links sites reached more than 100, other weight station agreed to do the link is not much, which makes the weight of the website no longer increases, QQ station is falling behind, then lonely is not surprising!

four, the choice of space must be careful, Baidu website IP often change the site default quality is not

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