Taobao play behind the call transfer buyers delight and lost survival more difficult

Abstract: for Taobao sellers, in recent years has been an eventful year". Tax rumors everywhere, flow / advertising positions increasingly expensive, single brush out of poverty, fakes abound…… The living environment is much worse than in the past few years. Today, the introduction of mobile phone number protection service is even worse. This means that the seller will not be able to communicate directly with the buyer, but also have no way to transfer their preferential information directly to the buyer through a point to point approach, and the operating costs will be raised again.


online shopping with years of development we have stride forward singing militant songs, in time enjoying the convenience of online shopping. But had to admit that, after all, online shopping in China before the birth of more than a decade of time. Although the volume is larger, extending to every corner of social life, but there are still many problems. Fake, scalping, user information leakage, promotional information flooding, courier delays, damage, etc., still not get a good solution. However, Taobao seems to have been working hard to optimize the shopping experience.

recently, in addition to Ma high-profile said "Taobao has a very low proportion of fake" speech, a new service – "mobile phone protection" is about to start, this is considered in the communications business and call forwarding services similar will be committed to resolve the buyer information disclosure, harassment and other issues. Behind this, will be the seller has been killed, buyers ecstatic "ice and snow" double day experience.


call transfer" is about to start Taobao play /

original buyers shopping, including mobile phone number, address, name, etc., personal information was informed by the seller, seems to be "right and proper" thing. No, it does not seem to guarantee the exact arrival of the goods. Among them, the buyer can contact directly, to ensure that buyers in a timely manner, and quickly receive the goods and maintain effective communication, of course, the buyer’s personal mobile phone number.

and now, Taobao will have a big move on buyers cell phone numbers. Allegedly, Taobao plans to launch a new service for buyers in mid July – mobile phone number protection services. From the service point of view, the seller is shielded phone numbers, sellers and logistics can only contact the buyer through a temporary telephone number, the completion of the transaction, the temporary telephone number will be frozen.

, that is, buyers don’t show their real phone numbers to sellers and logistics companies after Taobao shopping, showing only temporary phone numbers that are automatically allocated by the system. When contacted, the temporary number is transferred to the buyer’s real cell phone number. Similar to the call transfer business on mobile phones. After Ali successfully applied for virtual operators license, just follow the stream to launch Ali communications and other voice, traffic business, its user base and coverage, it is difficult to compare with the traditional operators.

With the introduction of the mobile phone number protection service,

means that Ali has found a new communication business model, jumping out of the simple voice and overlapping with traditional operators

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