New local gateway community forum pre operation ideas and guidelines

operates a web site just like a child raising, especially in the very beginning of the portal community forum website, just like a newborn baby who needs careful care everywhere. A website would be very difficult to grow up, have a care, there will be trouble. Therefore, friends who have just joined the local gateway must be prepared for a protracted war. Intentions along with your site, a step by step growth, do not half a moment will see no traffic, just want to give up. When operating in the local station, may not be so easy to waste station traffic, but traffic is far less than his station is more valuable, you can flow with those sitting on a party, relying on local businesses a desultory life, no longer subject to alliance exploitation and control, become the place known to all brands. In many places, monthly profits are often one hundred thousand, and this is also unmatched by garbage stations.

well, how should we operate the local station? From a personal point of view, there are several points that can be used for reference.

one, seize the operation point of local website, build website hot spot column

The most important channel for

local portals is media, community and consumption. From these three points, we can determine the general direction of local portals. A local portal, must have local characteristics, create local netizens online home atmosphere. The content of the website must be updated frequently, so that the Internet users can find what they like to see on their website, so that they are accustomed to your website, thus becoming your loyal user.

as a place where the first portal, although we do not do the national news, but local news is indispensable, is very favorable to the development of the local master clever hot topics and events on the website. Find a hot topic, in order to attract local netizens eyeball. This topic is not every day, but at least Gesanchaiwu have two. This is our news channel, seize Internet users click through rate can be very good to improve the popularity of the site, so there must be a local news module, the webmaster can be built according to local news.

has the local people’s favor, the profit question is solved naturally, the merchant’s vision is sharp, where has the opportunity, also cannot escape their sense of smell. The local gateway for the crowd is highly targeted, which is enough to allow businesses to rush, in the column setting, but also to combine the relevant profit strategy.

two, do local portal to step by step, can’t do garbage station idea

also has many successful websites, becoming a benchmark for segmentation and localization. But ignore the local station and station of different business ideas of many people, to do the dumpster idea to do a local portal station (every corner for example in order to increase the search engine included too focused on collecting a lot of information, and the local related articles with the website), the final result will do >

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