My website hidubai’s past life see the domain name that this is a broken station, neither the Pinyin, but not English, and so long, just remember, or CN suffix, master said: tuition will see a commonplace talk of an old scholar


but, the tuition is not paid, only one yuan, and secondly, I also learned a lot of things, you can see that this meter is still worth the money. This meter registration, Baidu hi is just a beta, I heard the news, I couldn’t wait to find out dusty at tool, a careful search results, but unfortunately, good rice has been one step ahead of others registered. No way, I have to play imagination, and finally figured out such a "creative rice", you have your Baidu Hi, I have my hi hundred degrees, see who is fierce.

in the BBS around, it was found that the signature in suddenly emerge a batch of Baidu hi’s website, I see, think, why don’t I have a Baidu hi theme website, when do SEO, do the program I use simple and compact zblog space, what just got a little space of 20 years, just a few hours later, hi of 100 will debut. Since every day, I have added an article, I didn’t know SEO, this article is copied directly from the Baidu news, strange to say, a few days later, Baidu actually included.

then again a few days of hard to wait, I actually went to the station hi Baidu keyword home page, although in the last one, for me is no small encouragement, I was more confident, and find the link, and page optimization, awfully.

my efforts really did not waste, ranking little by little to rise, and finally stabilized in the top three. With the passage of time, Baidu hi is not warm, I hi degrees of enthusiasm has gradually cooled, and a few months later, I have to this station, regardless of the requirements. But this is not the way to go, the Baidu hi chat tool appears in the short term is difficult to have a future, so I put the website, content change, with the dedecms station program, a popular weight-loss station.

they do not understand technology, to the Dede forum to find a beautiful female template, and then began to add content, an article with hand acid, I heard Dede’s acquisition function is very powerful, you want to try, so to find a target station, set parameters, began collecting. Just a few hours, we collected more than 10000 articles, looked really happy ah. See here, you may have guessed the end, two days later, my site completely disappeared from Baidu, was really heartbroken, very lost, and suddenly lost confidence. Then, the station has been out of control, because the space is paid, so the small station survived.

until a few days ago, bored, casually Baidu once, actually found that the site was re included by Baidu, an accidental surprise will change >

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