Personal Adsense do not do alliance channel cooperation reasons

believes that many of the friends who have been involved in the site have contacted other platform sites and invited your website to cooperate with them. Of course, I’m in it. I used to have a small regional gate site. Most of the content is based on information, flash and pictures. Because the energy is limited, and did not go to the forum. The website passes the management of a period of time, also little well-known, everyday IP four hundred or five hundred or so, because picture is more with flash, PV also is in two thousand or three thousand or so.

with the search engine included, the volume of visits began to steadily increase.

at this time, in addition to considering the alliance advertising system, I also started to undertake advertising dreams. Then I announced a series of contacts. Unexpectedly, a lot of business soon contacted me. There is to do League advertising, there are recommendations to the server. And the League channel.

what is alliance channel cooperation,

?This is like your station without a mobile phone messaging service

I understand that it is by the other party to provide such a channel to you, then you only need to parse a level two corn to the other side of the IP, and then make a website with your head and tail like files from each other together to give you. This way, through your site navigation point in the past, looks like your web site. Most importantly, you can also get revenue from League channels,


at first I thought it was novel, not to mention using my own corn. Isn’t it just like my own leaves?. But also increase the search engine included. So I didn’t think much, just follow the operation.


site has new services, and it’s natural to advertise it, so the web site is linked with new services. Needless to say, more than one service, traffic naturally a little more. But in addition to the alliance platform brought me traffic, it does not seem to have brought me much revenue, and revenue is almost zero. With the advance of the day, the alliance website seems to grow a lot, every day they will be in the above similar way desperately looking for a big and small web site cooperation. Gradually, I found it slow to access my two level domain name. Because too much traffic was attracted to the alliance platform.

sees all this, I think oneself is very silly. Seemingly alliance channel attracted me to a lot of traffic, but I gradually realized that the other side offers a dazzling array of services, but also gradually to my original flow of training to attract the past. With the help of the alliance website, people grew up crazy, more service channels, more content, and better service.

, and what role does my website have in it,


it must do so, only reluctantly to delete this alliance channel, Ning loss this part can’t run the flow. Because I believe that a lot of things to adhere to, the service of the site is to gradually, because the fist or their own flexibility, with the power of others, is to pay the price.

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