Website experience chewing gum marketing is the best SEO

do their own hardships out of the site, from the program to the template, and then to optimize, from art, style, content to add, in the busy and busy outside, finally on the line, but Baidu has not included, how to do? Or have included Baidu, but I do not know when the K is in misfortune your website, how to do? Website? For a website to do, or re apply for a domain name. I think no matter what happens to your website, you have to take care of her like your beloved child. Don’t give up easily. Site is hard to do, they do not care about the search for you and set the weight, site traffic does not have to see the search look, can control in their own hands, today to share with you my marketing experience – Marketing "chewing gum".

content is the website of this, just like the original Admin5, Baidu has been blocked, until now the development is very good, but also to the Baidu solution, why Wang can persist, do so successfully, in addition to the graph king himself and webmasters webmaster has a good reputation, unremittingly. The contents of the original stationmaster net is the magic weapon for the success of the station network. I am referring to the gum is more chewing the more fragrant, and share the meaning, then share stationmaster net webmaster station experience, a pass ten, ten pass 100, it becomes more and more famous, also prompted the A5 website content is more rich, when everyone in the chewing gum will not forget to send friends.


love was on the line yesterday, but today was 2000IP and the spread of chewing gum type are not unrelated, we put the early Internet TV shows and radio stations throughout the provinces of sub categories, more signals are posted to the website, on-line yesterday, only using several links and blog, relaxed on the release day the more than 200 IP, and up to now, IP easy to grow ten times, I think that with the content of the website stickiness and user reputation on the website of the inseparable. Because I through the background statistics, found that many of the active site or forum links to our web site, our efforts have been recognized by everyone, it gives us confidence and motivation, also indicates that the web site or the content is king, reputation first, I hope you can use their own content to the site to bring the natural flow, excessive optimization. SEO short time may bring benefits to you, but it is not a permanent solution, chewing gum is the best marketing SEO.

finally, welcome to our new station – love network, wish you all success!


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