Profit impulse the six principles of nternet enterprise activity operation


, Alipay, millet mobile phone Youku activity case, the six rules of enterprise operating activities of the



as the enterprise to promote the spread of information flow and attract users attention most frequently adopted strategy, all kinds of activities in micro-blog, QQ space, WeChat has been dazzling.

if discussion, planning, practical and existing channels of various activities, the first reference and reference. For example, during the Spring Festival in 2013, JDB in Beijing Xidan joy placed a vending machine, as long as the current shoppers shouted "new year cans JDB, loud enough, vending machines will automatically fall down a tank. This fun and free small activities to attract customers in the shuttle shuttle continued to participate, we have fun. With the promotion of the activity heat, this activity has been repeatedly released to micro-blog, causing more attention.

activities are indeed driving information across different platforms, across the line and offline. The discussion before, in the face of the development of social networks, "competitors disappeared" phenomenon, in part because of activities to promote information flow across the platform.

companies always want to achieve better results at lower cost, active thinking provides a very good solution. Fun network CEO Zhou shared a planning case: its early years, in order to get more users, fun to play network planning a user registration activities of the prize, as long as it is in the new web site registered users can enter their address, zip code and other contact information, get the opportunity to draw. The network itself is fun to do creative activities Home Furnishing website, small gifts prepared very creative, many users began to try holding the attitude, really did not expect to receive small gifts, suddenly inspired the enthusiasm of users.

but not a draw, even if the end, Zhou products rule is: if the user registration, and then invited new friends come in, but also get lucky draw opportunity, the largest accumulated three times. The excited users in front are beginning to act as a diffuser, and the chain reaction continues. Generally speaking, the registered users of the website to obtain the cost is very high, want the user to fill in the real address, email, mobile phone and other contact information is even more difficult, Zhou can solve this problem with a little "interest". At the same time, carefully prepared for the presentation of small gifts, but also won the first batch of users experience the crowd. After the event launched, the fun network directly to the industry’s new users of similar sites to obtain costs, an average of 20 yuan per person per capita accepted level, directly down to 0.5 yuan. This is what many businesses and teams crave.

in the operation, there are two companies, millet mobile phone and Alipay planning reference:

May 8, 2013, millet phone on Tencent micro-blog issued a message: [millet phone WeChat privileges special attention >

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