Talking about the best profit model of Taobao guest website

one, no product, no money to make

although I do for many years, but are interested in doing flat didn’t profit, perhaps, the bigger you can make money, but do not have a website has a clear profit model, so it is difficult to make money! Although the website traffic is more and more big, but has no profit half-dead, there is no development momentum. Let me not only input output did not stick to the passion.

two, looking for website profit model

to make money, in fact, three things: products, customers, advertising.

website to profit, must sell what to do, but I have no product, two no service. How can you make money? Always wanted to develop tutorials, e-books, and the like, but it wasn’t easy to find. Because the busy work relationship, but also because they do not have the experience of teaching, so it is not a reliable idea. Later, I began to study Taobao customers, I found that Taobao is actually the most perfect profit model.

three, find the product, that is, to find profit model

‘s successful profit model includes three major strategies: focus, leveraging and testing,

Taobao customers do not need to purchase, do not need Inventory, no logistics…… Just need to promote it. The other thing, the Taobao shopkeeper did it for you. So Taobao customers are the best profitable programs with less money, less time and less energy. Time saving, effort saving. Which borrowed the Taobao shopkeeper product, borrow his inventory, borrow his logistics.

four, focus site positioning

I use my reserved domain name this domain name has made a Taobao shop navigation website, appended each classification list. Very simple, the website is good faith shop + monthly ranking. This is where the focus is. I have developed 1.5 automatic Taobao code sorting tools, you can directly copy the entire page of Taobao customers to promote commodity code. The efficiency has been improved a lot. Save me a lot of time.

five, testing, with the user’s favorite adjustment, making money ideas

site soon on the line, and I just started in Ali mother community made a post, and then to some forums to promote it. It was collected by Baidu. Now I basically update a few items every week, and I can make hundreds of pieces every month. Not much money, but I didn’t spend much time. Later, I found some high commission and good sales, so I paid money to advertise the products. When you spend money advertising, you must test, you can put in a little money, change a few titles, pictures. Look at that effect.

six, a "super Amoy easy money off Taobao

then I developed a clumsy guest website:, we provide free Taobao quickly create guest website platform, combined with the finishing tool, very convenient. Stupid Amoy >

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