SEO common problems and Solutions

everyone doing SEO will inevitably encounter such problems, this is actually a good thing, encountered a problem we should actively to solve, do not escape, when a problem is overcome, you have is no longer the young rookie. Under the SEO Zhiqiang to give us about the common problems and solutions.

questions are as follows:

Does the revision of

1 website have a great influence on SEO? How to avoid it?

answer: how the site has not been included in the case, revision little impact, how have been included in the page, do not change. Wait until the sandbox, then change later. When in the early on-line Zhiqiang blog was first included the Google, Baidu not included under the title changed several times and in the page title, Google also included, Baidu began to included in the sandbox effect after 1 months. If forced to revision, but also wait for the network to stabilize, and then through the div+css model revision.


2301 useful for SEO,


answer: before the optimization of several enterprises Zhiqiang station to do a 301 redirect because Baidu has a phase of a new thing to always have too much reaction in the 301 set after Baidu will not, generally in 1 months after the start, will see the domain name without the WWW snapshot slowly, included reducing, and with the increase of WWW included. With site query, you can see a significant increase in www included.

3 how to do high quality of the chain,


answer: we can do more Baidu related products, such as Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu library. Baidu space and so on. Baidu library is a good place to increase outreach, and the weight is higher. In addition, you can through friendship exchange platform, questions and answers form submission, BBS theme post, high-quality soft Wen and so on.

4 Web site is not included, how to do?


answer: this time to check the site is not being attacked or check the website of the robots file, to see if the shield the spider climb, if not to look at the quality problem, generally to update the original article and external snapshot about 1 months will be normal.

well, let’s introduce it to you today. Henan SEO welcome your arrival. Support me, ~


5 site gzip compression necessary,


answer: many people take a network company website directly to optimization, and did not consider what compression website or something, and you are not ah, this is not difficult? A concept is compressed in recent years is also a popular SEO website after website publicity, if your resources more, slower access compression, has certain advantages, but it will take you the server resources, resulting in negative server >

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