Talk about what you’ve been doing

, introduce yourself first. I, 90, from Dongguan.

graduated from junior high school in 2007 and did not enroll in school. So what did I do that year? Then in my mind, in addition to surfing the Internet, playing, eating. Basically nothing to do. Wake up all day, eat, and then the Internet, friends find out. Basically, I stay at home every day. Time passed quickly. For 08 years. Then my heart began to think, is not to be on the Internet to learn something? Can’t live like this! Learn something of yourself maybe there are some good! Then to the hacker website to download tutorial, learn with them. At that time, grab the chicken, invasion website, brush drill is how fire ah, we all know, then the hacker site tutorial every day, most of them are about chicken, invasion, brush drilling. I was curious myself too. There is so good thing, why don’t you study? Ha ha. I’ve been learning all these things, scanning ports all day, grabbing chickens. But the grades are not as good as they think. At last I thought it was a bit of a nuisance to me, as if learning was of no use. So I gave up. Probably in 08 years in May, many, began to contact webmaster nets, every day in the stroll these bbs. Look at their published posts, say their website IP, how much, flow is how big, the PR value is how high, daily income, also say what Adsense money, and so on. He who knows me knows how strong my curiosity is, ha ha. So I made up my mind to start learning how to do a website. I also read a lot of website optimization, website publicity related tutorial articles. When you get familiar with these basic things, start investing in space and domain names. I remember when I started doing articles, standing, as if doing non mainstream stations. Website information is reproduced from the network. After a few weeks, I saw the traffic not coming up and made a new stop. Then changed several times, perhaps we will say that I do not stand patiently at all, do it at once, so that it is impossible to make the station popular. I do not know, I always feel that doing and doing have no flow. Always try to change the taste. Failed at last. We must not learn from me, the station changed, and time passed. The 8 time, in the discussion with their parents. Enroll in a school outside the city. The station is lost there, too. That school is closed management, I will go back once a week, and come back to update the content of the site and check the site was included in the search engine. There was still a little comfort, do more than a month of standing, the station’s article was included hundreds of articles. I felt a sense of accomplishment, and then something bad happened. Once back home, open the website, has been unable to open, FTP also can not login. I’ll go to QQ, a client of the space agency, and ask him a question. But he has not returned my information, the website has also been unable to open. It lasted more than a month, and finally gave it up.

finished the first semester in January 09 and had time to stand. I bought another space and domain name, and then what I wanted to do. In your own

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