Sunspot full time stand after half a year to the grassroots webmaster five suggestions


often in the A5 look at the most enthusiastic and eager for the grassroots, there are more than eight years of sunspot makes a station, but has been doing a part-time job, although earn some money, but also pay a lot of time and energy, at the end of last year the industry began to give up full-time do stand, and in the A5 published a a post to show self. Half a year has passed, today, sunspots here take inventory of the past six months Road, and organize their thoughts, consider the future road.

at the end of last year to give up because I like the decoration industry website this a great time in many city with annual income of over a million renovation site, along with the development of the network popularization and further the market will continue to expand, just in a hurry to the development of the decoration industry in China merchants, talked about that the same aspirations began to officially abandoned industrial into full-time webmaster industry.

in the beginning when doing full-time webmaster, there are some small habits, after all, a person to stay at home without any performance is very depressing, more important is the family did not understand what you are doing before, fortunately I have some SEO based, then quickly made in the ranking of full-time webmaster less than a month when we began to have the first income, over the years there was a heavy snow, snow days, I went to a few storey office building twenty floor to find a decoration company, decoration company acceptance of the network beyond my imagination, I soon received the first income one thousand yuan.

in revenue for third months, my income is very stable, and appears many problems, customer service is not in place, the owners have no detailed information to verify, because I ran out of the business that the update is not stable, rankings have some setbacks, this let me have a small development team the idea, after then put some preparation and before income, I formed a four man team, with a clear division of labor, work is responsible earnestly, so the operating situation is relatively good, because the cash flow has been relatively stable, so I have confidence to do some Baidu promotion, the website has been further developed.

in the first half of this year to do a full-time webmaster, almost every day I A5 to learn some experience articles, also often see many owners complain and unwilling at the forum, some stationmaster spent a lot of time and energy and financial resources to do some gray website to do some Taobao off site to do some traffic station, garbage station or the station group, but every day to worry about whether the K, never know whether oneself can become the cause of development, to the grassroots webmaster here spot some suggestions.

recommendation 1: find a website that can serve as a career. Maybe you are very young, still in the "play station" state, but the young is to your advantage if you can start from now to do can become a business website, that your future will be brighter than your peers. Whatever you do now, if what you do now can’t grow strong

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