Webmaster do not know enough to be enough

as webmaster, if you want to thoroughly analyze your website status, please first know what’s wrong with the website through the user.

, you need to know more about what your web site needs, not how much you feel about your site compared to your website. The focus of web user services should not be the ambitious planning, but the need to gradually discover what is missing.

ask your web site users for more honest opinions about what they like about the site and, more importantly, ask where they are unhappy. Let them know that you want to improve your site, and that no matter how big or small their recommendations may be about your site, you are very grateful for their sincere comments on every detail of the site. How to perfect your website,


in the final analysis, show your website users that you care about every point they say. Then you will:

1, improve your web services.

2, make the website more competitive.

3 enhances stickiness and loyalty of web users.

4, enhance the image of the website.

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