To the webmaster who is doing the station and our entrepreneurial team

today to listen to my business partner said to me a few questions, let me feel uneasy, so calm down and wrote a article, writing is not good, but all I have learned, is my heart, hope for our entrepreneurial team and business partners are very large help. Management scholars once said such a sentence: "entrepreneurship, in fact, everyone will succeed.". Only some people are bound by old ideas, and lose the best time to succeed, and fail to be lucky darlings." The fact is, before the fear wolves ahead and tigers, how successful? We often hear the following five reasons for our entrepreneurial teams and entrepreneurial partners "is taboo". If you stumble over it, success will be in the air.

one reason: there’s not enough money,

many people eager to start business, said, in fact, they do not like to work, but because the funds are not enough, it is not entrepreneurship.

square Training Center General Manager Wei said, "that’s just not dare to start an excuse.". He told us that when he opened the computer training, there was only one 486 of the second-hand computer, and started an entrepreneurial career in a house on the seven floor. If you want to start the funds, all add up to less than 3000 yuan. Can you go, not to stop. After a few years of hard work, not only the computer replacement, but also to their small reputation in the industry, fixed assets over millions. He often said, "business doesn’t need much money.". If you have too much money, you don’t have to start a business."

two: no reason can project

I was together with a well-known Web site had a problem about entrepreneurial psychological investigation, from the feedback of results, there are more than 80 of the respondents said that if there is no good project, they would prefer to work, not to blindly investing. But the company advertising design company general manager Mr Tsang told me, making no profit is a relative concept. He cited an example. Real estate is almost recognized as the most profitable industry, but in this field, the success of Real Estate Company less than 30%. Is it because the project doesn’t make money? Absolutely not. It’s because of the lack of money making methods. Therefore, he suggested that if you want to succeed in business, do not care too much about the good and bad of the project, but whether you are interested in the industry or the project. If we have these two basic conditions, a good method and a skillful method, the soil can also be changed into gold.

reason three: without full confidence,

confidence is the key to success. But recently I have heard that our entrepreneurial partners speak and show facial expressions, always feel inadequate self-confidence, instead, more doubts about whether or not their company has the ability to control projects and risks. Under the influence of this negative mentality, opportunities and luck will pass by. Before I do the direct selling industry (Amway) to know when a Mr. Chen told me that because of the "pyramid" relationship, China’s direct selling market has been scorching, war. You can do a thorough research on the brand you represent

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