Participate in stationmaster net 404 pages make contest have a feeling

inspired by the "15 creative 404 error page" on the evening of 18, stationmaster net points out [website "404 page" competition] activity, activity is the specific address:   the purpose is to make more long learning from 404 pages to some knowledge, pay attention to 404 page.

as a grassroots webmaster, I also participated in, in accordance with the requirements of the activities of the site submitted the relevant information. Just like the iron kite said, "a decent AD opportunity."." I’m running this, too. Just my new station   model (; on-line for a few days. Find an opportunity to send AD. The information submitted is as follows.

web site name: dig model

website: dig model essay, model resources, free sharing platform.

404 page address:

404 page design meaning: 404, directly replace the home page, so even if the page is wrong, also don’t lose, waste a IP. On the other hand, this format is easier to set up. You can fill in the url  in the 404 settings directly in IIS. The option is set to "/", and easy to operate.

just had dinner and watched TV for a while. Some of the webmaster responded positively. I went to look at the statistics, dig. Mama!!!, 404 page actually to 122 PV. The charm of stationmaster net is big. (a small graph confirms)


although it is only a small activity, I still feel that there are still many places for us to think and study. I’d like to reiterate my attitude to 404: even if there is a mistake in the webpage, it will not be lost and waste a IP.

don’t hesitate. Don’t wait and see. Hurry up and join the activity.

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