The growth of Airbnb notes from the beginning of the street three bed apartment to the market value

this article describes the beginning of Airbnb, the development of various obstacles and coping process, you will see a more three-dimensional Airbnb. Originally appeared in New York Magazine.

Airbnb battle for the market, smoke more and more prosperous,

one morning several months ago, New York citizens suddenly found that the whole city of New York seemed to be surrounded by Airbnb’s advertisements overnight. A piece of advertising as the clean white snow, it is a new Yorker bright smiling face, and attachment profiles, tells Airbnb the online rental site is how in the financial level, even spiritual change Ta’s life. The advertisement says, "the new Yorker agrees:" New York has Airbnb, and it’s absolutely wonderful. (Airbnb is Great for New York City).

this kind of propaganda, the impact is not small, Airbnb seems to be in with a rival to fight – one thirty while can not see Airbnb in protest of what also don’t understand this advertisement is to make a passing subway passengers remember what.

however, Rao was a bright picture and could not escape the fate of "graffiti" in the subway station. In the evening, some people in the Canal Street (Canal Street) graffiti advertising posters saying "Hey! Your apartment tenants are the silent buddy put your keys to outsiders!" (West 4th Street) West Fourth Street posters, similar font wrote "Airbnb not responsible" in the Forty-second Street! (42N Street), the graffiti is the target in the Airbnb propaganda words, "Airbnb is great for New York" into a "Airbnb is great for Airbnb". These graffiti accompanied by Airbnb advertising throughout the Harry, Broolyn, Queen and other areas, obviously, this is not ordinary advertising graffiti, but targeted anti Airbnb activities.

recently, the struggle faced by Airbnb is not only from commercial competition, but also from the incompatibility of ideas. Different from the concept of Airbnb represents new lease on the traditional rental model the impact of affluence from "do not understand the real people" and "new tenants by Airbnb to make up the rent" such behavior…… Among them, many of the opposition from time to time cited the "New York spirit" is also one of the Airbnb resistance encountered in New York.

Airbnb founder and CEO, 33 year old Brai>

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