Your customers are running out You know what

enterprises to tap new customers is never too much, so most of the enterprises are paying attention to the development of new customers, but new customers haven’t dig into the past, cooperation and old customers and attract potential customers to have are constantly lost, do you know why? "/p>

on the basis of 9 years of focused Albert foreign trade network marketing experience, this is because with the rapid development of Internet technology and the change rapidly, makes more and more high requirements of customers, and enterprises do not have too much to analyze the real needs of customers, resulting in the reasonable expectations of customer value is not up to the standard, annoyed customers, and ultimately business the loss of customers.

then what have businesses done to annoy customers and cause customers to continue to lose? Focus on the following things for you –

1, no mobile site, can not keep up with the pace of the times,

more and more data show that smart phones in many countries, especially the rapid growth rate, and even the daily utilization rate of mobile phones has exceeded PC.


"mobile phone party" customers direct access to various websites through the mobile phone, if you do not have a mobile phone website, customers can access your PC website through the mobile phone, then the page structure, font size, image size, layout view and don’t conform to the operation of mobile phone, after the first two times, the customer is no longer have access to your website.

2, lack of speed, wasting customer time,

we often say that waste is shameful. Whether it’s food or time. When customers hurry to understand some information, so as to make a quick choice, your website has been downloaded for a long time, and customers are naturally lost.

you think customers will be willing to wait for good things, but in the Internet age, slow means that you are far behind others and are more likely to be eliminated by the market.

3, purely social media platform as a display platform

wants to attract orders through social media platforms, and it is necessary to run the social media platform into an interactive platform. But many enterprises are the platform as a display platform, when no new products have abandoned these platforms, a new product is a lot of product information, and not really to understand the needs of fans.

for the customer’s message can not reply in time, the customer will naturally be away from you.

In fact, more than 3

are solved, if enterprises want to retain customers, the most important thing is to stand in the customer’s perspective, the real solution to the needs of customers, to maintain a long-term relationship with customers, and even more for their new single.

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