Local website operations combat exciting content is the key

has been running local websites for some time, and has been learning and learning a lot. Personally think that local websites want to do well, it is necessary to have their own characteristics of things. How to build features, find a way to do it seriously, every day adhere to, will be able to work twice the effort.

our website features a wealth of web content, lots of wonderful forum posts, and local information that you don’t see on other websites. This is our starting point, and the emphasis is on the richness and variety of the content. Today, share how we build web content.

1. portal

access to news content and controversial topics from portals is a necessary step for news websites. Sina, NetEase, and their sub channels, as well as recommendations from Sina blogs, are all sources of our access. For example, open the Sina home page, the middle section according to local sources, local news, access to news, if by artificial election race, further processing of the title, would be a very good information.

2. local news gets

more distinctive local content, such as QQ popups news, we are all familiar with, showing the local news information. This information is most users can see, if you put your own news content, the page is too repeated, but lead to other people’s resentment. QQ pop-up news can be used as a controversial topic, put on the forum for users to discuss, the effect is very good. And QQ pop news sources from where, we can find, Tencent forum is also divided into local areas, some of the news is from the forum users through artificial editing. We can also extract news content from other sites from the information, which is hot on the homepage.

3. TV content

TV is a great medium of communication, but now most young people, including students and working people, do not have much time to watch TV. Some families place a computer. And the elderly groups pay more attention to television. In this case, it is much easier for us to do web content. Through the processing of television news content, put on our website to reflect the local people’s livelihood, has become the focus of our attention. More, through the clues provided by friends, these cases reflected in the television media, and become another aspect of the promotion of the site. Our website takes such method, went up a few local TV station, very glad.

4. newspaper content

with television, newspapers are also an important part of nature. Although many things in the newspaper have been reported on TV, the newspaper as a text medium, it is easier for editors to organize language and process news according to these materials. Second, what is worth learning in the newspaper is how to extract the news that the local people enjoy and the materials they like to read. Newspapers live much longer. Release >

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