ndustry BBS operation exploration in 2014 is the forum really going to die out

with the rapid development of micro-blog, WeChat, its coverage is far more than the traditional BBS forum, whether it is local or industry forum, BBS, to survive the future, will face enormous challenges. In fact, many local BBS have closed, webmaster of the forum is that we are more familiar with, so in 2014 the industry forum how to operate it? Compared with WeChat and micro-blog, the traditional BBS forum what advantages and disadvantages? First, micro-blog and WeChat use platform to mobile phone, but the computer can only rely on the PC BBS forum. Users can use the mobile phone micro-blog, WeChat brush roll with users are now fragmented whenever and wherever possible, the use of time, this is WeChat and micro-blog’s advantage, before love go to the forum users, now love on micro-blog and WeChat play brush. You can also build connections, and you can also comment. The impact on BBS is very large, some people say that the forum is really going to die out, I do not think so.

first: Industry Forum must be ground gas

The traditional

BBS forum is aimed at the ordinary grass root users, so the industry forum must be down to earth, the essence of the forum is to make friends, chat. Ordinary users can use the forum to complain, say, in the forum of almost all entertainment industry forum plate, of course. These plates can let the forum build more connections, but the most early stage of the forum is definitely the lack of popularity, this time only way to attract users to post. Today, you can use WeChat and micro-blog and other promotional methods, in order to increase the popularity of the forum. In the content of the forum planning, you must choose the current popular hot topic, of course, the moderator on the forum should also appropriate the topic of speculation. No controversy, no Tucao, such forums must be dead and lifeless. To put it plainly, most of the netizens who visit the forum are nothing to do, idle to pass the time.

second: Industry Forum must be professional enough


is a industry forum, for example the machinery industry forum, there are a lot of love is to understand the knowledge of mechanical products. If such a forum is not professional enough, the content of the forum is too much irrigation, then it will certainly disappoint such users. To the contents of the forum to do more professional, that requires the forum moderators, management personnel with professional knowledge, the operator must employ some familiar with certain mechanical moderators, it is best to choose from registered users in the forum. Don’t just go for the non professional forum moderators, for the low quality of the posts and delete or modify, because a lot of the article is to directly copy and paste to the altar. So we must encourage u write original technical articles, to enhance the overall quality, the content of the forum. In short, industry forum to enhance the user experience, increase user viscosity, the most difficult is to do a more professional forum.

third: profit model of industry forum

Profit model for

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