Grassroots entrepreneurship modaobuwukanchaigong

now the Internet entrepreneurial atmosphere is quite strong, especially personal website development, the grassroots Adsense pulled to the forefront of entrepreneurship. Everyone wants to make money, just thinking about making money, the road to entrepreneurship must not be good.

, many novice webmaster like to ask me such a question:

excuse me, what stand is better now? What station is it easy to make money?

How did

cheat and let the traffic flow? – as long as it was of interest. Would ask for cheating. Wait, something like that.

, I’m so sad to face these problems. At first, I gave them some advice, and slowly, like this, I ignored them. No, I don’t want to help others solve the problem. It’s such a question that makes me feel that even if I answer, it hurts them.

they never asked me any real questions about content development, user services, etc.. It’s all about the potentially seductive stuff. Those things are tempting. But do stand, you want to start business, just for that vanity,


put it bluntly, start doing the station, what traffic, how much, how much money is virtual.. Of course, you make money is good, you can use the garbage station to make money, now less and less. Unless you really want to be a garbage station.

I told each member within the alliance, stand to do the first grinding again cut the wood, harvest yet.

I remind them:

1: don’t think the problem is too complicated to study. Use the Internet first to find a solution. Ask someone else. If someone else helps you find a solution to the problem on the Internet, you can’t find it. You are a failure. Information is very important on the internet. If you have information that you need to help others find, you really need to exercise.

2: don’t cheat, I do


3: practice the truth, don’t waste your time on what those tutorials on those articles every day will come out N the same, what is the use, read enough, in principle that, after the practice to look up to you. Looking at all day long, not to their own station practice, is always vague

4: stick to it. Many new Adsense are facing this problem, because most of them are follow the station, what kind of stand will follow suit, but others have done very well, you do, your person is hard to beat, so vulnerable. But if you do, you must stick to it. As long as your opponent has not completely monopolized the market, you will have the opportunity, but this opportunity will come later. There is no quick way to succeed.

said it wrote hope grassroots webmaster can reflect on yourself. Find ways to grow and grow in your own right. This article from the grassroots Adsense Union ( reproduced, please retain the source! Grassroots Adsense League two group 59081750 (>!

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