How does the website avoid the odd appearance the rank vanishes

on March 20, 2014, a lot of sites before the rankings are quite good, all bizarre appear, the site rankings disappeared in the hundred, even without a trace. That night, many webmasters began to frantically search for themselves, which triggered the Baidu rules, leading to the site was down right. We look at this guy, two night No:

website ranking

, as you can see from the above picture, the two sites have been restored again on the day 23, and even better than before. This can be sure that as long as their website does not violate the Baidu algorithm even if Baidu bug because of restrictions and fetters, or the database cache update caused by accidental injury, all over a period of time will give you back. So, here, I would like to suggest that as long as you conscientiously do in the station, do not easily touch the rules, then your site can do better. Of course, during this period, there must be a lot of websites really collapsed, because they did not promptly identify inappropriate optimization strategy, resulting in your site in Baidu search engine trust gradually decline. Next, I will tell you how to avoid the emergence of bizarre sites, ranking disappeared


first, adhere to the correct, sustainable and optimized route

website optimization should have the concept of sustainable development, that is to say, your own planning plan must have certain enforceability, and do not deceive the search engine to meet the needs of users. We need to understand that today’s websites are long war, not fast. If you want to quickly get good results, Baidu search engine will not let you succeed. In the face of bizarre website ranking disappear, first we should first organize your thoughts, you recently did what you did wrong, where optimization excessive, excessive optimization will lead to what kind of results? As much as possible to find out the reason. If you can not find it, then face the frequent adjustment of Baidu algorithm, keep calm is a wise choice. Do not proceed with major changes accordingly. This can cause serious adverse effects.

second, check the security of the website

hacker technology is now more and more fierce, so as a hard to force the webmaster, we have to regularly detect their own web site security indicators, do not easily let hackers into your website. The best site data of make frequent backups, and backup data to multiple different paths are preserved, so avoid or because the data backup of all the data tampering by hackers, causing indelible unrecoverable damage.

third, testing the external web site and correlation degree,


external construction of the chain must understand the three elements: authority, universality and relevance". As far as possible to meet the three elements, if not up to it, it is recommended that you accept. Why should meet three elements? It is actually very simple, for example, the authority of the equivalent of a star, that we often see a lot of businesses through the star to promote their products, this is.

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